Five live sport now in doubt

I posted this new thread as this now is a radio issue as well

As you say the rock has been lifted on the corrupt bbc machine.
Good. I hope all walk out. Freedom of speech/thought is not something that should be denied by those in power. That way lies a very slippery slope with a very bad end.

Good on those who step down in support of GL.

And the sooner we rid the country of these insidious fckrs running things the better. I hate where my country is heading under these people.

Plus, the sheer bloody cheek and irony of the BBC exclaiming in this instance that they must protect impartiality while doing exactly the opposite in many many instances at the behest of the right wing boils my pss. Fck right off!
I tend to be quite cynical about modern politics, but this is making me a bit more hopeful.
The nurses, doctors, teachers, rail unions and others are striking over pay and conditions and that can, in the eyes of some voters, be held against them rather than realising that they are fighting on their behalf by proxy.
This however has a whole different driving force behind it. It is about the protection of free speech and human decency, rights which should be afforded to all in a free and fair democracy. The government has tried to introduce all sorts of restrictions around these issues via various bills and it has largely gone unnoticed. This issue however has now been brought kicking and screaming into the light of public scrutiny and it is unlikely to go away.
Battlelines are being drawn right now and you don't have to be on any particular political side to know the right from wrong in this.
Choose your battles carefully they say. That might be a wise choice even if you agree with the whole 'Stop the boats' rhetoric because once you condone silencing dissenting voices then you no longer have a democracy and when democracy falls, however flawed it may be, you are really up against it.
Good. Power to the people. This Government is the most detestable, despicable, morally bankrupt, corrupt, uncompassionate bunch that I have known in my lifetime. They are also incompetent in the extreme. They don't seem to have an ounce of decency between them. The BBC is now just a Government lap dog.

I hope we can consign them to history at the next election.