Friday Night Drink & Music Thread


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With apologies to WeeGord, but I haven't seen one of these for a while and I've had a **** day at work (only 5pm here) and I REALLY need a drink and some music, so thought I'd post.

For me tonight it's a few of these bought on a road trip into Wisconsin last weekend (it can't be bought outside of the state apparently so is a "must buy" whenever crossing the border from Illinois).


As for music, not my kind of music normally but I felt I had to put this on with the first beer:



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Second time tonight. a beaut.

Oh, and Vodka and Coke. Been ferrying the Mrs and her friends around town, so need a late night sparkle!


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One of the Christmas organic jobbie - nice - a little more mineral tasting than my usual but I'll take it


Not my go to either but he was some character...



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Yeah, come on Wee Gord where have you been the last couple of weeks, or have I missed this? Anyway a tipple called Vina Sol which is just cheap plonk as I’m still in Lanzarote. Home next week, so hopefully back on Sauvignon blank - blisss