Get in 🇦🇷 the kid is going to be special

From a club point of view it is a good selling point for recruiting players. We have just signed a young argentinain prospect fresh from the Olympics, and although we missed out on Roger Money to Fulham it shows some ambition from the clubs prospective which is a great selling point to other players we are trying to recruit and shows we still have ambitions and not just settling for mediocre.


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Remember that Marinelli guy? 😮😁
Yes I do but his big issue was his lack of physicality he was bullied too much in the England game as he was just a reserve in Argentina. This lad has played senior football for his team he’s just represented his nation at the olympics and he’s a tough b***r as we saw in his Olympic clashes.

totally different players.

but hey if you want to be negative.


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Have we signed him then?

signed last night

Boro's first game of the season is next Sunday when they travel to Fulham. Subject to international clearance - which the club have always been confident of obtaining - Payero would be eligible to play in that game. But given he'll only finish his isolation towards the back end of the week, it seems unlikely he'll be thrown straight into Neil Warnock's side.


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Watching him in the Olympic and he stood out for me.

Strong in tackle
An eye for goal
A great long shot
and he has the dark arts as well

Plus he has great close control and a fighting spark.

finally a central attacking mf

a genuine no 10 🇦🇷


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Definitely one that’s worth a punt, obviously don’t know how he will react to the championship but I don’t think I’ve heard a bad word said about him from journalists that have been covering the story.
Glad to see the club taking risks instead of going with the experienced championship signing for once


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Haven’t been as excited about a signing like this for ages. Genuine South American wonder kid.

btw don’t take my word for it as Tim vickery a journalist a have great respect for, was raving about him and even singled him out before the olympics.

never mind samba this is tango time.

I was wondering what Tim Vickery made of him. It's positive that he rates him.


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I was wondering what Tim Vickery made of him. It's positive that he rates him.
Yes he was doing his wed slot on h and j and was previewing the olympics talked about Brazil and when he got Argentina said one player to watch out for is pah jerro

compare him too de paul in the argie national side.

this btw was off his own bat it was only after he named payero that paul hawksbee said yes we’ve had a few texts about him as he’s rumoured to be going to boro.


Looks like a technically better version of paddy McNair to me!

As in strong runner/ drives forward, good set piece delivery but with some extra technique.