Hull Away (tickets)...........


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Great turnout👏

I'm not attending. I didn't fancy my chances fuel wise from the southcoast. I'd need to rent my own tanker lol

I'm not sure why people are having a pop about 20k home games? Just look at the rest of the champo and we are comfortably in the top half for home attendances. We probably 'win' on empty seats but that because the ground is simply too big


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Again my tickets haven’t arrived but if you are in the same boat. It’s easily sorted. If you can ring the ticket office on Friday if you’ve not got them they cancel the original ones and you pick up the duplicate at the turnstile at Hull.

did it at Coventry the other week, probably shouldn’t have bothered


My tickets turned up today, but the barcode of my sons ticket is damaged. I contacted the ticket office like you suggested LeeMiller and I can pick up a duplicate from the away ticket office in Hull. (y)


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Priory Park just off the A63 - park and ride is one option. If you’re not in a rush, there is parking at Beverley or Brough stations, short train ride into Hull, about 20 min walk to the ground. Alternatively, closer in, there is parking at Walton Street, HRI or St Stephen’s shopping centre.
Cheers for that, I'm just having a look now.