Is Chris wilder a Mountie ?


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It's almost as if the prospect of playing progressive front foot football with the ball predominantly on the deck makes it an easier decision for some players.

(As opposed to weighing up whether the money is worth having to spend 90 minutes chasing the opposition like a dog chasing a car and being told to treat the ball like a hot potato.)


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Seems like these are all his first choice targets, we couldn't even get our 5th or 6th choice under Warnock. The reason is talented players want to play attacking football not turgid 80s longball.


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He is the most unboro like manager in history. Wake up smell the coffee folks. Next thing you know we'll be in the Premier League, then its top half, maybe even top 4 ffs. Crikey we may eventually break ffp by having to buy a proper trophy cabinet. Where will it all end, fans having to agree, chanting of European joy, players in the winning England World Cup team. This has to stop now, we are Boro..... Wilder Out !!!!!!!