Josh Coburn


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Hearing he had another great performance today as Bristol Rovers beat Peterborough 1-0.
He didn't score but played well by all accounts.

Brizzle newspaper sports report

Josh Coburn - 7
The striker was a great example of everything a target man should do. Despite having his shirt pulled at every opportunity by a Peterborough defender, he rode two challenges before being brought down by Edwards on the edge of the box, resulting in a red card.

Keep it up big lad!


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From the Bristol Post Live edition

Josh Coburn - 8
Joey Barton made a bold claim in the build-up, ranking Coburn among League One's top strikers, but it's not a stretch to associate the Middlesbrough loanee with that company. At just 19 years old, he can do a bit of everything. Always took up good positions, pressed hard and he did brilliantly to force the red card. He's going to be some player; he's already very good.

I am glad he is staying there because he is getting the match time he needs.


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I am wondering if he maybe looks at Haaland & thinks, maybe being a large unit can be seen as a plus again.... put a bit of muscle on, try & find some more pace, skills & keep banging it in the net.. who knows where his career can go..


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I'm glad he's doing well. The fans seem to have taken to his ability to lead the line. He will come back like a right unit after 30 odd appearances.

Although I had to say even at 18-19 you could see he could handle himself. I remember warnock saying he stood up well to the likes of Bamba and Grant Hall etc in training. Completely unfazed by who he was up against.

I'm slightly torn. I didn't really think he needed loaning out. It wasn't like he was 'bit part'. A regular sub who always offered something different to what we had. Also a far better option than Connally. He should have played more.

Yet playing week in week out must do him some good. Especially in a 'man's league'. He seems to be thriving and based only on tweets enjoying himself. Unlike the likes of Walker and many others who went away and did nothing. I imagine Hackney learned a thing or two at scunny.

I'd like to see him back. Yet only if we want him back to play. Don't drag him back to he a bit part and often unused sub. I genuinely think he's got enough about him to be a really decent CF.


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I wanted him to stay before the start of the season but with our start and our initial changing of personnel I've realised this was/is probably a better place for him this season, but I do look forward to him coming back at some point.


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Was mismanaged by wilder big time

Think I’ve said it before missed an opportunity to get Coburn in the team when widlers loans were misfiring after he banged that goal in against spurs

Confindence would have be high and would have been a good time to put him in the team. Instead we didn’t really get to see coburn again

Stuck with Connolly, and no coincidence that our results and performances took a turn once we stuck with Connolly


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I'd let him stay at Bristol Rovers until the end of the season, think it will be good for his development. Game time pretty much guaranteed, gaining experience every week against CBs who are happy to kick seven shades out of him.

Recall him and he fights Hoppe for striker #5 coming off the bench for 15-20 mins here and there.

He's still young, time on his side, another 4-5 months on loan isnt going to harm him.


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Watched it yesterday and he was a threat all day, their defence all over like a rash pulling his shirt. Towards the end if the ball was played right he would be in one on one with the gk, and most probably put the ball in the back of the net but the ball attempted to him was poor and got blocked