Lunch out...Plus my ratings of local places to try


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I have had a few parmos as it's usually my goto when back in the north. My last few have been just OK. Not sure if it's me misremembering how good they were had 2 in Yarm recently. The bluebell and on the highstreet in the pub that has the balloon out the back. A bit disappointed with both.


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Haha I could have written your list, and it would have been practically identical, even with the ratings and comments :LOL:

The Ship at Redmarshall does a decent parmo, but the main attraction is their repertoire of them, there are like 30 different types.

Good call on Manjaro's (Ingleby) though, they are better quality or more consistently cooked. I've not found anywhere as good as a Manjaro's parmo though, to be honest, and it's really nice inside and pretty good value.

Staff at Impeccable pig were not great when we went too, and the food didn't make up for it.

Vane Arms in Thorpe Thewles is nice, food is good quality, but not high-brow where kids would be a problem.

Whinstone View is decent, not far from Nunthorpe.

Blackwell Ox in Carlton and Coco and Rum Saltburn are both good for Thai food, not sure about lunchtimes though, only been on evenings.
sounds like we have similar tastes as the only place I havent been on this comment was the Vane Arms! How could i forgot The Blackwell and Coco & Rum! Thai 2 Go over the border is also really good, perfect for a working lunch. Its an ex-cafe so not huge but dont be put off by the exterior the food is top notch, they've just opened one in Redcar too so must be doing well.