Man u or Villa away


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I suppose it depends on how we view the FA cup and if we intend to put out a full strength team. Not really bothered about what Man U do but I would like to see us go for it if we get a big following.


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They said it was just important that MU got through the tie as they are playing lower league opposition in the next round....
Was a bit dismissive . I love it though, hopefully we play as well as we can and give them all a shock. We may not win but I think we will definetly go there and give them a proper game


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Loved the way Mr £1.5m a year said United should be OK against "lower league opposition" in the next round.
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My issue with shearer is that yes he played for Newcastle but he LIVED at Wynyard which last time I checked was on Teesside so he knows the area

yet never fails to have a dig at us when ever he can whether it’s dismissing us in games playing down Juno in the all time list.