NFL Divisional Playoffs

Expat Smoggie

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After all that hard work the Bucs give the freedom of the park to Cooper who was left one on one with a crocked safety.


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Wow what a game. I nearly didn’t watch it after our defeat last night (Packers fan) I was given up on the season. Glad I managed to stay awake. Not going to make the Bills v Chiefs game but good luck both sides. Though I do have a an each way bet on the Bengals and Bills. So no bias 😀


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A pretty straightforward home run for Mahones and the Chiefs now his nemesis Brady has gone. Can’t see anything other than another ring on Mahones finger

Expat Smoggie

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Bills will have to work miracles to win this game as Mahones looks untouchable… but who knows it’s been a weird zany weekend!


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NE v Rams was just insane. What a come back by NE and how well the Rams kept it together on the last drive. Awesome.
Penalties killed NE in the long run. Even Brady got his first ever pen for his reaction (although it was a bit harsh).
I love the NFL.