Novax Djokovic - Visa Cancelled (Again)


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BBC says he can appeal but I heard an interview on the radio with an Australian reporter a couple of days ago who said if the immigration minister removed his visa which has now happened there is no comeback or appeal it’s final.


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There seems to be according to the BBC and GMB.

I'd prefer you to be right, but I'd be surprised if both channels get that wrong.
Novax lawyers have just filed an immediate injunction against the decision According to the Sydney Morning Herald. Their editorial in the last few minutes says what most Australians think. They don’t mince words.

“It was untenable to allow the unvaccinated tennis player to gain easy entry to Australia when he had misled border officials about his travel to Spain and been caught in public in Serbia while infectious with the coronavirus. The penalty is that he may be denied entry to Australia for three years.

But political factors were fundamental to the decision by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, one of Morrison’s closest allies.

The government can see that Australians are in no mood to give Djokovic a waiver when so many people have put up with tough rules for so long – even when that has meant closing the border to the country’s own citizens.

That means the decision is the right call.”


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I don’t think his lawyers have filed an injunction as of now.

they will no doubt be checking the detailed ruling before making a case as to why the decision is incorrect - I really don’t think they have a case. I can’t see Novak winning this battle.

the bigger question for me is the future of his tennis career - he’s 34 years of age - does he stop short of becoming the most successful mens tennis player ever because of his anti vac stance. Presumably he will have similar problems for other majors. He may well have to change his stance or find some crackpot dr to confirm he has been vaccinated!


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I said on another thread that Djokovic has gone down in my estimation with the lies and manipulation he and his team have tried. He's stuck two fingers up at the authorities around the world and thought his millions of dollars would buy him privileges the common person would not receive.

A great tennis player who will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.