Team vs Blackpool


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NW has stated that we need to give the kids a go.

My guess is Wood and Coburn are nailed on starters, as is Spence. We only have Bola at LB so Robinson will probably come in. Jones deserves a chance too and Malley has been around the first team for about 18 months now.

Then we have Payero and Daniels to make debuts and Bamba for a bit of experience.

I'm guessing:

Peltier Bamba WoodRobinson
Payero Howson Malley
Spence Coburn Jones


Peltier Bamba Wood
Spence Payero Howson Robinson
Malley Coburn Jones

It's light in experience up top, Maybe we'll be asking Ikpeazu and Tav to come on and win against a tiring Blackpool defence?
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I don't think Paddy will play. As for Howson, Warnock will be aware of how he also played a lot of games last season. He also implied Daniels wouldn't play - but then again he might well change his mind.
It will be an interesting much-changed side won't it?


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Agree that Daniels might not play, he might deem it unfair to throw him in after 2 training sessions.

Paddy, yup, I forgot about Wood.

Howson, I feel he will need one experienced player in the middle to help Payero in his first game and whichever youngster he picks. This season with Payero, Morsy, Crook, Tav, McNair and Malley as competition I would hope that Howson won't need to play as many matches. If he plays today then we could pick a completely diff 3 in CM on saturday in Morsy, Crook and Tav without any drop off in quality.


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I actually think Daniels might end up as number 1 this season. Whilst neither keeper is a "standout" they're probably similar in terms of ability and we'll have good competition for the shirt.