The propensity for rioting in this country


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Again this isn't about brexit. Sorry if you all got the wrong end of the stick. It's about government corruption

It's a shame there wasn't some hint or clue before the election last year, regarding which party leader was more open to corruption.

Like if one of them had the lowest expenses during the MPs expense scandal a few years ago, and the other had managed to spend £50m on not building a bridge. Something like that just to make it really obvious to anyone who cares about that sort of thing. So they wouldn't sound like a daft hypocrite a year later. Oh well, never mind.


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I know exactly what I'm saying. Like I said I can totally understand why people thought it was about Brexit when it wasn't.

Struggling to understand how everyone else read my clarification but you don't seem to have.
If this thread is not about Brexit, even partly, why did you specifically mention it in your opening post?