The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Reading Matchday Thread and Programme


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I'm not the only one who celebrated a goal there, am I? Unbelievably close. Hope we get better luck as the match goes on.


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Twice when the camera had been on wilder he’s been scratching away at his nuts 🤣


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This is making me think that our talk of promotion has been a bit premature... given Reading's league position!


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Need a kick up the arris at half time. Reading are just sitting in 10 behind the ball, so we need movement, quick decision making and commit their players then pass it. But instead I'm seeing static players, slow decision making and players running too much, or dithering about the pass.

Positive, we are dominating the ball, had some chances and half chances, I can see Balogun and Payero coming on second half, I think it's tailor made for Payero actually.