* The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *


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That was not a penalty. They were pushing each other back then as soon as he hit the line he went down. That said, Steffen should have been piling off his line as soon as the ball broke.


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What is the commentator talking about there? Surely it is where the foul takes place regardless of where the fouled player can stretch his leg? Or is that wrong?


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Awful defending. I also thought Stefan should have come off his line quicker.

That said. Poor by Fry... Also in 'hindsight' he should have fouled him earlier. Then only a sending off.


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We just haven't got going today. No criticism of selection, attitude etc.....we have just been poor all over the pitch. Very lethargic and off the pace. Speaking of pace we have none........Jones?😬


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Would have loved Stewart here, he’s a right handful and has caused lots of issues.