* The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *

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The Makems have deserved it tbf. We played better after going down to ten men. Mowbray seems to have got has tactics right as our defence struggles with pace.
Mogga identified the ball over the top is our weakness and so it proved, fry was silly. Ruined the game because Stewart is fcuking bang average and would’ve probably missed


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Will not slag the team off:
Probably 70/30% with non making a 5 out of 10. We never got started against a team who were not great but wanted it more than we did. Seemed to clear and defend all game with very little action in their half. It is what it is, cannot win every game but overall we have been very, very, very poor.
Let's face it, it's their cup final, they were more up for it than we were.


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I get they players might think it’s all over with only 5 mins left but passing it across the back and backwards to keep possession seems really defeatist - and dirty Mackems giving it the ‘Ole’ both embarrassing and infuriating in equal measure


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Fry gave the ref the opportunity to give a penalty, though Stewart was looking for it. He wasn’t certain to score by any means.


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Same, Howson needs replacing in the first 11. He's never been brilliant and is weak as p155, the same as McGree and a few others.

Howson is a great pro, super fit, seems a calm and reassuring presence but he's not a leader, he has no pace, power, little fight, he doesn't organise or boIIock anyone. He hardly ever scores or assists either.

The fact we started this season barely owning two first team centre mids is ridiculous.
Ffs... we lose one game.
Get a grip man.


Not really, at least not in the sense it's usually meant. That's only a valid criticism if the player is coming in from a relatively narrow angle. When the player is in more towards the centre as he was here, as a keeper you can't stay right on one post because then you're leaving the other side wide open
Ah, fair enough then: from the only angle I saw, it looked like the player was out to the right and Steffen was over near that post, but I haven't seen a replay of it from a better angle so will take your word on that.