The weekend beer and music thread!


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Afternoon all and happy belated new year to you all. Let's hope it's a good one for us all.

I'm drinking very little in January on a personal level as trying to lose a bit weight and improve my general fitness. To that end I went on a cracking long walk yesterday up and around the Coquet valley in Northumberland and despite pretty heavy conditions I just about survived and not feeling as sore as I anticipated I would.

Anyhow, after the walk was over I did have a single pint in the local pub for a bit of refreshment and it went down very well I have to say. It's the first time I have tried Northumbrian Gold and have to say I'll happily try some more in future.


Keeping with the fitness theme how could I *not* post this!!! Have a great weekend folks 🍻



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Weegord you have started early!

Nursing a hangover from an old colleagues Xmas gathering yesterday which we had to cancel in December. Fabulous "very long" such which included some fine Bordeaux and port.

Anyway no drinking today personally. Which is probably just as well as driving up early in the morning for the game.


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Tough one for me tonight.
I'd vowed to stop drinking on a Friday night for a couple of months but I've had a difficult week at work so...........🤔


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My 1st Friday drinks night for 2 months. None of this dry January nonsense for me 😁 Just off to buy the beers 😛
Side note. Treeselets are available on Amazon. Got some to replace the ones I never had at Christmas courtesy of Qatar airways destroying the tube in transit 😁


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Max Richter - Voices

A reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set to beautiful music with haunting imagery. Sorry for the downer but I feel the need for some beauty. Sometimes we/I despair of human beings and their behaviour yet we are capable of the extraordinary and the beautiful.

Peace people.