Tory MP suspended


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There is no real need to increase pay. The Tories firm belief in "the market" would surely rule it out. There is no shortage of people who would be willing to do the job at the current rate.


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Not much to choose between any of them.
Ah the comforting lie told to excuse not voting or supporting the right.

If you vote for the "least bad" if you prefer it, then you are doing the best you can , if you squeal "they are all as bad as each other" you are just abdicating your responsibility as a voter in a democracy. Shame on you. At least "honest" Tories vote for them out of self interest.


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Not much to choose between any of them. Remember the Big Expenses Fiddle.

Last week I saw Jackie Smith ex Labour Home Secretary, she used to sleep in her sister's cupboard apparently for claims purposes, telling us how the country should be run.
She hasn't been an MP for 11 years.

Nice bit of whataboutery though 👌


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It's no lie Muttley, that Expenses Fiddling" applied to Tories and Labour. So as I said "not much to choose between" and I always vote for someone or other, in fact once I stupidly voted for the Liberals, but then nobody's perfect.


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not much to choose between
OK let us compare the Leader of the Opposition with the Prime Minister.

Not much to choose between them? One a serial liar, philanderer, racist dog whistler, incompetent, scheming, duplicitous, I could go on.

The other bought his mother a field for a donkey sanctuary (and has been getting rid of a few left wingers from his own party)

I'd say there was a startling contrast between the competency and honesty of the two. What do you reckon?