Trump - a last twist?


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A Martyr? Some one who cries about being silenced but has his own press core and could have a full press conference within minutes if he wanted too.
Who's deluded here?
On that topic has Kayleigh McGoebbels, Trump's liar-in-chief, been spotted since it all booted off. (n)


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I think MFP and Muttley have summed up why everything possible needs to be done to stop Trump from running in 2024. The 25th Amendment would do this, but I think Pence is too much of a coward to activate it, and I think I'm correct that a failed impeachment, even a second one will not be enough. Trump is not going to fade away, he'll agitate and ferment trouble in the country for as long as he's able. The last hope to stop him will be the numerous legal cases waiting to be brought against him when he loses his presidential immunity.


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Personally I don't think there's much to be gained from doing what she wants I think it might cause even more division and give him an even greater base
The gain will him not being able to seek a second term in 4 years time when the US has to go through this again


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Last twist? More than 70 million people voted for him. Astonishing.
Anyone that thinks this will be the end of him is sadly mistaken.


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The gain will him not being able to seek a second term in 4 years time when the US has to go through this again
I am far from convinced if you impeach Trump things will get better. I despise him and what he has done to America.

However, when you hear reports of polling of Republicans and most say that Biden is more responsible for the Capitol attack than Trump it is clear that the problem runs much deeper than the Trump organised crime group.

How do you try and reconcile such a divided country. To think that America will now become a socialist country is under JB is crazy.

I have no empirical proof but I think social media is damaging western society.


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I am a believer in let justice be done though the heavens fall. If you ignore justice even once, you start down a dangerous path.

I also think that the Republicans have seen what trumpism can achieve for them. Trump was too stupid to make it work but their next candidate may not be.


These are interesting developments to keep an eye on for sure. Be interesting to see how GOP reacts this time in the Senate.

There are already security concerns about the inauguration of Biden. Shocking. All Trump's doing. Will be infuriating to see him just get off with a slap on the wrist again, which I expect is as far as this one goes like last time.

His son Don Jr should be looked at too, as well as the rest such as Giuliani etc. All enablers and Jr watched footage of the carnage last week with a buzz apparently, too. All a pack of bstrds who have no excuse and should be punished. Horrible bunch of cnts.


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I think the trump presidency will be studied and killed over like the borgias are now a corrupt family that all but stole the presidential nominee.

I watched the GOP primaries in 2015/16 and the way he took the others apart humiliated demeaned them one by one

inc ted Cruz btw


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Well, Pelosi has tabled a resolution calling on Pence to enact the 25th and an as yet unnamed Republican representative from West Virginia has objected.
Expect the impeachment tomorrow.