Watmore to Millwall ?

I think he's the perfect player to bring on when you are winning. He just chases everything and puts defenders under pressure. He doesn't have the quality of some other players but he more than makes up for it with his attitude and running. I don't think he should be starting as a striker because his finishing has never been good enough but I'd be happy to see him stay. He's almost like McNair in that he is a good player and can cover multiple positions but he's not quite good enough to be first choice in any of them. The difference is that McNair is a high earner. I assume Watmore is cheap enough for us that he is the perfect squad player. I'd like him to stay.
I hope not, I think he offers something coming off the bench & regularly makes an impact.
But if they were going to give say 2+ years & we are only offering 1 then I can see why you would want that, especially with his experience of a long injury.
If true I wish him all the best.
Rather than a replacement, does this mean Hoppe will be more involved?
It could do, we have Hoppe & Muniz here and barely getting minutes, we also have Coburn to come back into the fold at some point too.

It was also reported we tried for Archer on a permanent before loaning him, which suggests we'd very much like him here long term.

And obviously Crooks is utilised as a striker now too.

We could maybe lose one or two who aren't getting minutes and replace them with one who Carrick will definitely utilise more.
Northern Echo have published a story saying we're in talks with Fulham about ending the loan for Muniz.

Can't see us letting them both leave.

Not with Forss playing wide with Jones out of the picture at the minute.

No back up for Archer other than Crooks who's a midfielder.
Wouldn't be against this but as above, needs replacing otherwise we'll be very light up the top end.


Keep him. Lots of games to go this season yet. He might not be in the starting XI right now, but give him minutes on the pitch and he will score goals.

Great signing for us.
I’d be slightly gutted about this.

Fair enough leaving in the summer as his contract is up, but I still think he has a part to play especially if injuries/suspensions come into play.

Also, I would love him to be a part of the squad if we end up being successful given he came here when we were both struggling, more than played his part and gave us some great moments.

We shouldn’t be strengthening a rival, either.
Great servant ,model pro , but if he goes , hopefully a younger version comes in . If Muniz goes back , and Hoppe goes out on loan we will need 3 new forwards , maybe 3 to compliment Coburn next season .
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Got to feel a bit for Muniz. Clearly not in our plans, Fulham would rather he doesn't play here than be in their squad, and no-one else wants to take him on.
Rather keep Muniz on bench than Hoppe. Seen nothing in Hoppe to think he could hold down a first team spot.
Like you said you have to feel for Muniz. Two goals in first three games then hardly played. Would have liked to see him in system we play now.
It’s not for balancing the books. Duncan has been brilliant for us and if a team can offer him more game time and a longer contract then surely no one would stand in his way.

Can someone make sure Sheriff_John_Bunnell has a pack of baby wipes for his big show on Wednesday morning?