What do you order in an Indian restaurant?


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I have a thing called a Relish Ghust, from my excellent local, usually with peshwari Naan and keema rice.

I tend to have a lamb or chicken madras in places I don't know.


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Normally get something different each time, but my 'go to' meal that I get more often than others is:

Chicken Tikka Patia Dupiaza
Mushroom Pilau
Garlic Keema Naan



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Not very adventurous when it comes to an Indian.

Poppadoms with all the bits and pieces
Onion Bhaji
Plain Naan
Chicken Bhuna
Pilau Rice


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- Poppadoms with the chutneys and lime pickle
- Keema naan
- Onion bhajis
- Samosas
- One of the hotter curries on the menu, last few times it was a lamb naga.
- Chips

Not a huge rice person, I'll usually just have a few spoonfuls of my partner's.
I never order chicken curries, it's always beef, lamb or duck.
The last thing I ordered was a Goan Fish Curry in Newcastle that was actually beautiful.


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Always chicken saag whether it's on the menu or not

I only had a slice of bread for lunch and it's 4pm now and I am starvin marvin :p


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Poppadoms and pickle tray
Mixed Kebab starter with Onion Bhaji
Peas Pilau or Veg Pilau Rice
Naan (Garlic optional)
A chefs special - something around Madras level or just below
Preferably soaked in Whisky and set on fire like in Vadah that time

Even better on Eat Out To Help Out

Not Scallops again
Bloody hell is that for one? Are you Smithy off of Gavin and Stacey.


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Bloody hell is that for one? Are you Smithy off of Gavin and Stacey.

Well according to Bumface (yes that's his name) I am you. Now I am talking to myself

I would half that but not the curry with the Mrs (probs take some home too)