What happened to Randy Savage?


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I pride myself on making a boozy rum sauce, I always add a little bit extra than the recipe asks for. 👀
Glad you enjoyed, we were keeping beer supplies low as we had determined at the start of December that the country would be put into lockdown before New Year's Day. Luckily we hadn't ordered anything spectacular for a special menu etc, I know other places hadn't had the same thoughts and have lost thousands in stock.

10 days since I was last at work now, we've knocked takeouts on the head for the time being as case rates are high in our neck of the woods. Not helped by a few clowns having a stoppy back at the Dudley on Xmas Eve, that's the rumor anyways.

Yeah I got the Amstel before the Fosters was the only thing left lol. The lad did say hadn't ordered due to threat of lockdown.... (the one with the long hair - talks like a uni type). We sat next to the fire to the left of entrance. Was boiling after a while which was nice as it was ******* down outside


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Who'd have thought there were other MF DOOM fans on here? I was gonna make a thread when he passed but didn't think anyone would care or know who he was.
Only recently discovered his music, about 12 months ago. Since then his lyrics, word play and rhyme schemes consistently surprise me.


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Lessons have been learned and moving on.

This home schooling lark is hard bloody work isn't it?
Had lots of respect for teachers in the first place but that's multiplied 10 fold since last week.
I've forgotten a lot in 30 years since the last time I was primary school. 😲

Glad to see you back posting 👍