Zack Steffen Negativity


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It's definitely people forming an opinion early on and refusing to change it.

Bar the odd moment here and there, he's been excellent for months.

Even at the start when he was a bit shaky, it was still a massive improvement on what we'd had from Lumley and Bettinelli.

Wouldn't be surprised if some of it is because of his mistake in the FA Cup semi-final for Man City too.

That and the fact he's a loan player, fans are always more prone to call for loan players to be dropped.


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It's definitely people forming an opinion early on and refusing to change it.

Even see it on here in this thread. Even when he was having his early "sticky" spell it was obvious he was a very decent keeper. He had to get used to the physical nature of the championship but now he's cemented his place in the team and there can be no argument he is our first choice keeper.


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It is still very early days. He started shakily, I still have Maddo moments when he dallies on the ball, but he has done pretty well overall.
He may go on to be a great keeper - and maybe even for us, but those talking him about as best this that and the other, it is still early days.
What he doesn't deserve is stick, that is for absolutely sure.

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To be fair he came into a side with zero morale and a crazy tactics plan in horny of him with ever changing personnel so for him to settle at was an achievement in itself but now under a new regime he finally looks at home.

I agre k really like him he’s been a big player for us and he’s getting better all the time


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Its not about Steffan but interesting about attitude can change about the team

A few did say they thought a big 4 suited us better, but we were told it would never change, it was a MFC club philosophy to play a back 5 with wing backs and that was the way of the World and had to be accepted. Carrick came and he changed it to a back 4 and it appears to be working! Early days of course.