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I have deleted the images from the thread - were they actually sent to you directly by personal message? Is that what you are saying?
Thank you. I mean that they were sent to me on the message board not an as inbox type message
Terry - you have been a member for a week am having to write to you about your conduct a 2nd time - your comments on the alcohol thread towards someone that is suffering mental health problems are really poor. This is a community - if you want to continue being part of the community please show consideration.
aye ok matey it’s noted 👍.
threads like these tend to cause problems across all football boards , opinions differ and some do not like others being different to theirs .
all is good 👏
I have put a warning on your account for 1 month following your Tory CNUT post - please keep this in mind or I might need to limit your account.
I've picked up your memorabilia items up, I'll get them dropped off tomorrow bud
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Thank you, that's very much appreciated, I'm on nights so should be up at midday tomorrow, once again thank you
Dear Rob, After applying for membership on the new Board I have been shown as New Member. I am not a prolific poster but I have been posting for at least 20 years and use the same name on both Boards. It is not a big deal but I would nonetheless appreciate it if you put the record straight.
The record straight.....🤪
It’s do with how many posts you make. Everyone starts off as a newmember and then it changes given how many times you post. So it looks like the record has been put straight.
We're all in the same boat.
I'm interested in possibly having an advertisement on the the back page of the fanzine.
How much that work out as for the season?
Cheers alan, Yea that's the company, it's states closed throughout the pandemic, hoping to start up again late August, cheers & very much appreciated, take care
Hi alanmoodysdog, Im after a bit of your local knowledge regarding Boro tops over in Thailand, before the lockdown there was a company selling retro Boro shirts, the one I wanted 1977 season (John Neals 1st season) I think from Thailand, Diamond retro, do you know of them, or anywhere in Thailand that make, sell Boro retro shirts?
Many thanks