Elaine Palmer – Go

A beautiful new single out today from Elaine Palmer that sparkles and caresses like the waves and golden sands of the accompanying video. A warm lolling melody, wrapped around Elaine’s soothing vocals but snapping from platitude to attitude. Country and northern. Moody and mardy, sweet but spiky. “Stand back am coming through.”
There is real commercial flavour and favour from the high flying chorus. Well, Elaine is featured on British Airways playlists.

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Brought up in an old watermill on the moors Elaine has spent much of her time travelling over the seas to family in Arizona, so her songs are strongly tinged and tainted by both Yorkshirecana and Americana.
Her last album Desert Songs, released in 2019 was strongly influenced by travels through the desert and native American reservations of the American south west and Mexican border country. Elaine’s music has one boot on either side of the border of folk and country. It is writing that invokes the atmospheres and landscapes as much as the personality of the singer.
Go is accompanied by a sparkling video filmed at sunrise on Marske beach. Elaine is on watch from on high staring out over the waves as a lone horsewoman navigates the sands. Stunning.
A maturing talent, a wonderful voice and a lyricist from the bleeding heart. Go get this single now.