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    After watching Britt Assombalonga for the last few seasons it's nice to finally see a good quality centre forward. He's an intelligent footballer and in this Wilder team the goals will come. Also like the look of his partnership with Watmore.
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    What next for Leo?

    Leo is one of the most passionate individuals that's ever been involved with our football club. It's heartwarming to see someone from South America develop such a love for the club and the area as a whole (like TLF all over again). You have to remember after the awful awful tragedy there was the...
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    Aftershave advice

    I've always liked Jean Paul Gaultier -Le Male but recently discovered Next L'Homme smells exactly the same and it's only £16 for 100ml, bargain.
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    Cooper Gerrard

    Nearly spat my coffee out when I saw this haha.
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    Badge re-design

    The 1986 badge will always be my favourite and our most successful time as a club was with us wearing that badge. I've never liked the current one. I can't understand why they didn't just leave the design exactly the same and just change the numbers to 1876.
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    Isaiah Jones new contract

    Class act this lad. Buzzing to hear we've got him tied to a long term contract. We've discovered a hidden gem so hats off to the club. From what I've seen he could play at Premier League level. Hopefully that's with us. He's a defender's nightmare, so quick and unorthodox (but in a very good way).
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    The most talented Boro players you’ve seen at the Riverside

    Totally agree. Don't get me wrong he showed in those six games he could mix it with the best and we saw some incredible goals from him during his time here but he didn't have the right mentality to be a top player. There were times in the 96/97 season where I thought he must be getting paid to...
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    Yesterday - It all looks very unprofessional

    Maybe you're right. But then I think back to the Downing debacle. Getting him to sign a waiver to allow him to start in the remaining games of the season under Pulis, on the promise of a new contract (albeit on lesser wages) with also the potential for a coaching role. Only to be told by Bausor...
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    Yesterday - It all looks very unprofessional

    So Warnock is preparing for a big game against West Brom and is notified by someone that he could be on his way. Gibson then phones him to tell him the news which he already knows. The club later announce that Neil has left by mutual consent which is a blatant lie confirmed by Warnock who is...
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    Tickets for West Brom

    How many did we sell does anyone know?
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    Huddersfield tickets bought

    Our walk up prices are a joke. It's almost like we want to have empty seats. West Brom are as follows: Adult: £23 Over-65: £18 Under-23: £15 Under-18: £10 Under-11: £5 Wheelchair & Ambulant supporters: £15 with free PA Our Under 18's for £17 really does need looking at. Especially when you...
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    People that criticise tav I just don’t get it

    His energy is massive for us and for this reason Warnock would never drop him. He regularly gets back and makes last ditch tackles to get us out of trouble and that's as good as a goal for me. He just needs to relax a little more in the final third. He's got a cracking shot on him but at the...
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    WBA travel

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    Howson looks a natural at RB

    Totally agree mate.
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    Howson looks a natural at RB

    I've always thought it whenever he's played there. He's far more effective playing in defence now. He reads the game so much better from a deeper area of the pitch. A number of times yesterday he made crucial interceptions and got us away on the attack. I know not everyone will agree but I'm...