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    Hibs fans

    Always the same at our away games now TeaCider. Some right half wits go away these days. One of the reasons I have not been to as many away games this season as you know. Other clubs also have same problems but ours seems to be on the up big time.
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    An experiment to try and prove a point.

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    Filming for India

    That was one of the tracks listed as being on YouTube
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    Songs From Northern Britain - Georgian Theatre - Today

    Hope it's a great day. I am abroad but would have been there.
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    England v USA

    How was Henderson going to change the game. 😭
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    England v USA

    Well done USA. They were the better side in almost every position. They deserved the win. On to Wales game now.
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    Netherlands v Ecuador

    Andy Gray showed he didn't.
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    Senegal v Qatar

    Why didn't they get a penna early on. Exactly same as penna Ronaldo got yesterday.
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    Warnock reveals secret behind Watmore signing and how it almost didn't happen [Gazette]

    Fits Warnock's narrative obviously but would take a lot of what he says with a pinch of salt.
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    Neymar! One of the greats……no?

    Not in my top 20 Brizilian players
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    Mick Lynch.

    FFS the Op makes a valid point stop derailing it withyour inanities.
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    New Music 2022

    Thats it for now. I am away for a week but will try to catch up when I get back. Spotify updated to here.
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    New Music 2022

    Ropes of the Night - Deceiver
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    New Music 2022

    Desmond Doom - I Hope I Never See Your Face Again