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    I’m going to make a prediction

    Its a big gamble sure but do you want to go back to some of the dross we have had in the last few years. If it doesnt come off we are back to were we started and will end up selling Fry or Jones or both. But if we dont gamble they will both be gone next year anyway.
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    Coulson to Aberdeen

    Injury not as bad as first thought. Will miss week but back next week. And as for made of glass it was supposedly a nasty challenge that the guy was booked for.
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    Here’s a scary thought - liz truss ( post from December 2021)

    Not so sure of that. The press was bulling her up last week but when I watched the voting on the Sky News program they both appeared on it was over 80% for Sunak. My Tory mate went to the hustings at Darlo and thought Sunak was a bit out of touch with people but he thought Truss was poor when...
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    Howson on pitch before kick off.

    Blowing after a couple of runs like usual;):)
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    Going Out this Winter

    About 6 years ago I was sat in the Bridge Bar in Aberdeen and there was an old guy saying to his mate that exactly what he did as he couldnt afford to have heating on in the winter.
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    I owe Chuba an apology.

    Thought the pair of them were poor and Forss but he has time on his side.
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    The Hundred

    Not watched it at all this year so far. No real interest in it.
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    New Music 2022

    Blondie - "Mr. Sightseer," Rediscovered Single from Forthcoming Box Set Blondie: Against The Odds can see why this has not appeared before.
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    New Music 2022

    Dangermouse - Strangers (feat. A$AP Rocky and Run The Jewels)
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    Do many other posters ‘ignore’ people on here?

    I would like a dislike button as well as a like. Might stop a lot of people getting ignored if they know their post is not kosher.
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    Do many other posters ‘ignore’ people on here?

    If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen😜
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    I can't help feeling we're missing a chance

    We are not good on last day transfer deals.
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    I can't help feeling we're missing a chance

    And a left footed LCB
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    Incredibly Sad Songs.

    Not heard that or the band before mate. Will deffo be checking them out. That is superb.
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    Incredibly Sad Songs.

    There is a bag load already on this thread. But more music threads the better for me.