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    New drinks package

    It’s all pumped straight out the tees anyway… 😁
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    Morrissey open letter to Marr

    It’s like a verse from a Smiths song… stick some jangly guitars on, job done 😁
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    Bob at Ayresome Park

    Gareth Southgate in midfield…. Thought he’d always been a CB
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    The Clash - London Calling

    Ffs… just come round from anaesthetic… who knew typing a few words was so difficult 😁
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    Solicitor recommendation please

    Merritts were brilliant for us
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    The Clash - London Calling

    The only band that matters 👍🏻
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    Bob at Ayresome Park

    The day Bob found out Robbo was going to be our new manager… starts at about 20 mins 👍🏻
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    West Stand Upper Tickets Withdrawn From Sale for Derby Game

    Cos that’s what they are 🤣
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    Blackburn last night...

    Ayala was on the bench last night…. It’s coming to his annual sick note time too
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    What Ever Happened To...

    Don’t think it’s the correct terminology, but we always called them the chicken strip
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    how was sporor kept on????

    Because Sporar did a hell of a lot of work off the ball yesterday… people don’t seem to notice when forwards put a shift in, some purely think ‘he didn’t score, therefore he was gash’ Think back to Britt… that was one lazy striker
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    how was sporor kept on????

    Op…. Absolute clown shoe 🙄
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    More trouble for Derby

    Still find it hilarious that his career was ended being schooled by George Saville 🤣
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    Jonah Boot

    Unfortunately I don’t… cracking pair of turn ups though 😁
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    Jonah Boot

    My uncle Ernie ’Ragbo’ in the painters overalls being escorted in ‘a spot of bother’ 😁