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    Obscure songs ripped off by more famous artists

    This Flaming Lips song pretty much borrows itself from Cat Stevens Father and Son
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    Obscure songs ripped off by more famous artists

    Not sure you can level at the Happy Mondays that it was a rip off. It was listed as a cover version.
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    Chris Wilders Style - Problematic

    I wouldn’t wait in!!!!!!
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    Chris Wilders Style - Problematic

    Criticising Wilders sartorial style after his predecessor Mr Bumbag and the tracksuit hanging off him is cheek of the highest order sir!,,,,,
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    Hit a discarded water bottle cap if I recall?
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    Spain effectively bans any families with 12 to 16 y.o. from holidaying for whole of December

    Don’t think children have to be double jabbed between 12 and 16
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    Memories of Ali Brownlee from 6 years ago this weekend ❤

    I think it hit many Boro fans hard. It certainly hit me A man who was very familiar to us, who we had met on our travels following our team and who had the town and the Club running through his veins. A man who would chat with anybody. I met him on a preseason trip to Holland when we were...
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    When Saturday Comes

    The recent cold snap affected my game last night.
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    Boris new PCR rule - typical of his regime

    Not incredible. Johnson has always had a problem with referring to something g as mandatory. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to make face coverings mandatory but has been told to do it for the general health of the nation.
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    Nice Gesture from Redcar Athletic FC

    Warming - in more ways than one.
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    Yellow Cards??

    Sorry yes Crooks was suspended for the WBA game after picking up his 5th booking at Luton.
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    Yellow Cards??

    Yes. 5th booking today. He will be out for Swansea unfortunately.
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    Boris new PCR rule - typical of his regime

    Good luck. Boots response times are about 4 days.
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    Comedy GOTM

    Bambas error against Preston was probably the one I put my head in my hands.
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    Yellow Cards??

    That was his sixth yellow today but he was suspended two weeks ago- Wilders first game.