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    A win is a win. Labour win by one vote

    Good job Donald Trump wasn't running against the Labour candidate or he'd have cried foul and ordered a recount immediately to find another 2 votes to win :ROFLMAO:
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    Can’t stop watching that second goal

    Was absolutely class. Crooks is going to be a legend here, thought he put in another performance today worthy of MOTM but have to give it to Watmore for the brace and playing so well yet again. I hope Watmore beats his goal tally of nine last season (I think he will) and keeps injury-free. What...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Huddersfield V Boro Matchday Thread and Programme *

    Absolutely superb finish that to a great move from Watmore. We've been very good. Hopefully, they see it out this time :ROFLMAO:
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    Ken Clarke - '"dangerously close to elected dictatorship"

    I used to do it a lot too ;) I didn't mean to go into detail. I was just trying to say I would have preferred one outcome over another. Badly, I'll admit 🤡 .. I am sure there would be a lot in terms of policy in a Starmer/Burnham Govt I would not agree with, but I have no doubt I would vote...
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    Ken Clarke - '"dangerously close to elected dictatorship"

    I wish I had more faith in Keir Starmer but I just can't come to be convinced, so the lack of a strong opposition will see this situation Clarke alludes to spiral out of control. Whatever polling suggests of late, even during the last month or so of complete embarrassment after another for...
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    I made a silly comment about Tav the other week which was unfair, Was just out of frustration the way things have been going. But the lad has clear potential to be a top player. I want Tav to realise his full potential under Wilder here at Boro. There's no doubt though there's shyte Wilder...
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    Any detectorists?

    A hobby I've been dying to get into for too long now. My mate just got a cracking Minelab .. he insists on just doing it alone though and not interested in a detecting buddy :ROFLMAO: Love medieval coinage, would love to get out there and find me some hammered gold :love:
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    Rittenhouse walks!

    Imagine he endorses someone like Marjorie Taylor Green :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: .. won't happen, but terrifying to picture. I think it will be a GOP victory in 2024 but you are probably right in saying Trump will put his weight behind another candidate come to think of it. I dread to think of who...
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    Rittenhouse walks!

    The absolute state of this: “We may reach out to him and see if he'd be interested in helping the country in additional ways,” Gaetz said on Wednesday. Grade A pr*ck. Putting Rittenhouse on a pedestal following this...
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    Rittenhouse walks!

    I genuinely don't believe so, if that was the case. I know it seems petulant to say so but no.
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    Rittenhouse walks!

    Unbelievable. The USA justice system is an absolute clip, and the reaction to this could be toxic given how politicized the whole event has been, obviously. It likely is going to be, with the wrong people getting blamed as usual as Rittenhouse is lauded as some kind of hero by the far-right or...
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    Tories back in poll lead, didn't take long ...

    I would much rather a Labour government, that is for sure. The opposition may be perceived to be an option just as bad by certain people, but how/why I do not know for the life of me, I don't think anyone would be capable of leading another Govt as calamitous and crooked as this administration...
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    Badge re-design

    Have wanted us to go back to the badge before this one ever since we changed it :ROFLMAO: ... Seen some decent ideas of a redesign of the previous badge too .. there should be a petition done as I think it would get a strong backing. The current crest is so bad, plain, and generic ... the kits...
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    Tories back in poll lead, didn't take long ...

    Christ. Nadhim Zahawi, I cannot stand him.
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    Tories back in poll lead, didn't take long ...

    Yeah, the SNP would be no given to work with if it comes to needing them to form a coalition, which I think is where Labour will find themselves at best come the next GE. Speculation of them wanting to be able to vote on independence as a condition etc .. awkward