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    Best lockdown purchase

    I'm trying to do the same now. I'm the worst I've ever been - went from playing squash and football twice a week as well as playing golf to nothing :poop::poop:
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    Are you on the list?

    Yeah I'm on it unfortunately. Incredible when you think about it
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    Best lockdown purchase

    I got one for 200 from beer hawk direct for Christmas. Drank 12 kegs (120 pints ) of Clwb Tropica IPA in 6 weeks because it was so easy 😲😲😲 Had to turn it off in the end. You can't get them for love nor money at the minute and they are going on ebay for over 300 quid second hand so I cashed...
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    Shamima Begum refused return to UK

    Me too mate. A lot of my work is in this area and what people sometimes don't understand is the vulnerability faced by children and young people. I don't know the details of this individuals vulnerabilities but I know that very rarely is any individual acting in a way of their own volition...
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    Redcar & Cleveland Council Leader to receive £5,095 pay rise

    Another really poor and ignorant take. This isn't a parish council ffs. And before anybody starts, I've not lived on Teesside for 15 years, I've no vested interest
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    Redcar & Cleveland Council Leader to receive £5,095 pay rise

    Sorry but this is a terrible take. Even the 21k is ridiculously low.
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    Parks and walks in Middlesbrough.

    I grew up there. That was my playground in the early 90s. Fishing not just in fairy dell but in the little pond as you walk towards the park way over Gunnergate Lane. Lovely place to be
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    Labour to oppose Conservative corporation tax rises

    What stinks more is that the Tories allowed this because people who don't know better blame the local council rather than correctly pointing the finger at central government who have slashed local authority budgets by billions since 2010. Some councils receive about 40-50% of what they did in...
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    Songs that emotionally cut you

    Friend of ours - Elbow
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    Should all NHS workers be given a thank you lump sum

    Just a quick thought on the 12 billion given to Serco for T&T fiasco. You could take a million pounds outside and burn it every single day for 32 years and still have change. Something I saw online the other day. Incredible sums have been found for friebds of Senior Tories. Government...
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    Keir Starmer

    Take bow mate (y) Tory Cowards, cut budgets and point the locals baying for blood to the local council raising their council tax
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    Burnley - the case of a well run club

    Remember then bring a main rival a few seasons back. How times change
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    Andy Preston

    And its a tactic that works because of the fact the local labour party have been so poor. The town deserves better
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    What are your views on digital currencies/mining?

    That sounds bizarre. Are you sure it wasn't spam? How would your account be compromised after such a short time? Agree though it might not be a good idea to invest if you're not confident
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    What are your views on digital currencies/mining?

    They've taken a sensible stance that digital assets in whatever form are going to be with us in the future and are trying to take strides to ensure they get their share. Imminently sensible given the amounts that are possibly available. You have to remember that there are many many new...