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    Blackpool Ticket Details Released

    2,100 tickets 150+ points on sale 30th
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    Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Raise Concerns Over Away Support

    @Facefuzz my thoughts exactly. We have a sizeable number of fans who use away days to get as drunk as possible and as high as a kite. Supporting the team is well down their list of priorities.
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    IFAB to discuss extending half time to 25 minutes for Superbowl style shows.

    Still wouldn't get served in the Riverside at half-time, the service and organisation is abysmal
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    Warnock very critical of the club

    You clearly have absolutely no idea what goes on at our football club, not a scooby doo. "He's had two dozen players in under 18 months and access to all that funding" is categorically not true. Neil Warnock did not identify and ask for those players. I don't know how many times this needs to...
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    Luton Ticket Details

    Tickets for Boro's away match at Luton Town on Tuesday 2 November will go on sale next week. We have been given a full allocation of 1,032 tickets for the match, which are available as unreserved seating*. Tickets are on sale to supporters with 170 or more Priority Points from 10am on Tuesday...
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    Starmer ditches his 10 Pledges

    I didn't say it wasn't much more than a sideshow, but Starmer isn't doing well by any measure.
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    Starmer ditches his 10 Pledges

    No, better. She was ruthless, her attacks were specific and she hit the target every time. It's obviously different going up against Raab as opposed to Johnson, but that was a breath of fresh air. Starmer is a wet flannel.
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    Starmer ditches his 10 Pledges

    Listening to PMQs yesterday, Rayner was more convincing than Starmer has ever been.
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    Starmer ditches his 10 Pledges

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    Starmer ditches his 10 Pledges

    You really need me to break down the difference in the two? The level of detail for a start
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    Starmer ditches his 10 Pledges

    Not that he actually stuck to any of them. He's replaced them with '10 Principles'. Here they are