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    Usyk v Joshua 2

    I'm not a massive fan of AJ but I have a gut feeling he's got something up his sleeve and he is going to have the performance of his life and come out victorious.
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    Djed Spence

    He’s left, we’ve got the money. Let’s move on.
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    Snowflake Footballers

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    Ellis Simms - missed opportunity

    QPR’s keeper has just equalised 🤣🤣
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    How much is Marcus Rashford worth?

    Definitely think a move abroad would be the best move for him to revitalise his career.
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    Houchen Wants to host Eurovision 2023

    Bad news for Darlo but I’m still confident of Redcar’s bid for the International Womens Beach Volleyball Championships.
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    Boro managers DO NOT chuck the cups away

    Would have faced Leeds away in the next round.
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    Loud aircraft over our house.

    This is pretty awesome to be fair. Just tracked the typhoons, I wonder if it’s about get a whole lot louder.
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    What did you want to be

    Fighter pilot! Still insanely jealous of anyone who has that career.
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    Loud aircraft over our house.

    They were loud but not as loud as I have heard them. There’s something flying about now but Flightradar24 giving no indication what it is barring JAVLN.
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    Incredibly Sad Songs.

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    Incredibly Sad Songs.

    Genuinely shocked me on first listen. It's controversial but the story telling is great and the ending is very sad.
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    What was all the explosions and lights about 5 mins ago?

    Started at 10:50pm. Bit ridiculous that
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    Fulhams new stand prices 😳

    Throwing their Victoria sponges and Hummus at the directors box?
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    Major conspiracy theorist ….lied.

    Ah, a fan!