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    Teesside Airshow back on

    They had the Red Arrows a few years back like. Not even exaggerating when I say I could see the pilot after a low pass over Fairfield.
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    Ugo Ehiogu Memorial

    I like this idea in and around the existing statues and ayresome park gates. I do like the idea of the mural but there needs to be a big enough wall to do it justice. Edit - Humptys idea on the panelling would certainly work.
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    Junior Durrani Boro Art Exhibition

    Great lad Junior, I went to Uni with him.
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    The weekend beer and music thread!

    I’m sorry if I’ve let myself down by posting this.
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    Man Utd v Boro - Friday Night

    Refundable Travelodge booked for £40 quid. Trains look a **** show mind.
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    Boro v Derby: some bizarre ideas from the Derby fans forum.....

    They are even worse on twitter.
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    Don't look up.

    It’s good in parts but fizzled out and the ending was poor. Surprised Leo went for it tbf but I suppose Netflix Money talks.
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    Jarrod Bowen

    I’d start him over Kane on current form.
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    Boro v Derby: some bizarre ideas from the Derby fans forum.....

    Has the potential to turn nasty outside the stadium. There’s previous there with Derby as well.
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    Dubai documentary

    Turned a job down there about 6 years ago working for BASF. The package was insane but I hadn’t even visited the place and I wasn’t ready to up sticks.
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    Need to create a song for Manure fans to hear..

    You’ve gone from Moyesy to Van Gaal Van Gaal to Jos, Jose to Sojksjaer Your still a F***ing joke And Scholesy still sucks toes (Exchange to still get beat at home once we 2-0 up) 1,2,3,4! To the tune of Rotterdam by the Beautiful South.
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    Streets ahead? What I’ve learned from my year with an electric car

    In an ideal world I'd prefer an EV but I can't justify it with these facts in front of me. I mention that I'm regularly in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland, I live in Stockton. In December I was up in Livingston and also East Kilbride, barring one occasion these are all round trips...
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    Streets ahead? What I’ve learned from my year with an electric car

    I'm currently in the process of sourcing a new works car as I'm going onto an allowance and I'm doing some research. Range seems to be the issue, I like the Q4 E-Tron but the 150kw only comes in at 317 miles, I'm assuming that's top end as well so realistically might pull in 250 miles. I cover...
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    Man u or Villa away

    Linekars comment didn’t bother me but it’s a very simplistic way of looking at the tie. I’d have expected a comment more along the lines of “On the back of that performance, an in form Middlesbrough will prove quite a stern test for United won’t they?” Then put it to the pundits. Baring in mind...
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    Man u or Villa away

    He was struggling before that and hardly kicked a ball at the Euros before the penalty but I feel that Incident may be the straw that broke the camels back. I still maintain Southgate threw him under the bus. Hopefully he can find find the form that made him such an exciting player and...