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    Throwing pints of beer in celebration!!

    Inexplicably did it in the Paris fan zone at Euro 2016, Eric Dier scored that free kick against Russia. Just bought 2 6 euro pints of Carlsberg and just hoyed them, it was like my arms were no longer connected to my brain. No regrets though.
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    England bit of perspective

    Great post, Come On England! We were arguably at our worst Friday and Scotland had the performance of their lifetimes yet the game resulted in a draw. It sets you up for the tougher games later in the tournament if you have a test during the group stages. Saying that, England need to improve all...
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    Bingeworthy boxsets

    Ozark Homeland Power Power won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I massively rated it.
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    Team against Czech

    Bench Kane, somethings not right with him.
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    Sergio Ramos

    Would have been the type of player who would have came to Boro in the golden era.
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    Flower of Scotland

    The threads title is the song.
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    Flower of Scotland

    Really not sure how any self respecting English man, especially a football fan could write that like. All because of a daft song, head = wobble.
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    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 v Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 predictions

    Would love to absolutely hammer then, especially especially after the videos of them on Twitter last night. Realistically I think it’s going to be a tight encounter, i think England will win by a single goal, really fancy Foden to score, if he plays. Could be the type of game where Grealish excels.
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    Fury Wilder III

    Isn’t Frank Bruno 59? Why’s he fighting AJ
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    The right to work from home

    I'm probably 2.5 days a week in the office at the moment, and the rest of the time split between site and home. I didn't like being forced to work from home or the office so flexible working to suit me works absolutely spot on.
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    Whats your experience of car sales people

    I only deal with Newcastle Audi and they are spot on. Saying that it’s the business development manager who looks after me, had three cars from there now. In the same vein, I walked into Teesside Audi and back out again as the staff didn’t seem interested.
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    Danny Mills

    Leeds couldn't pay their bills so we got Danny Mills
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    Psyche to close

    Red Square was sound, a few niche brands in there that you couldn’t find elsewhere. A lot of Carhartt, Fjallraven etc. Shame that went.
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    Getting a decent chicken kebab in Boro

    Should have sent them to Iffys in Stockton 😍
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    Are we backing The Scots V the Czech Republic ?

    How England perform on Friday will be a real good indicator of how far we go in this tournament, dealing with pressure and anticipation etc. I said there was no easy games in this group and I stand by that. I'm confident that Sir Gareth will get the best out of these players for Friday night...