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    Energy bills - don't pay

    I don't know if this is the case, but it seems to me that what is being asked for is some solidarity from those who can pay for those that cannot pay. If you kids are going to starve you won't pay your gas or electric bills. That is a given. If you can pay, the don't pay protest is asking for...
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    Dijksteel's 'goose' looks cooked to me...(bench warmer back up)

    Oh dear me, another lame attempt I am afraid footylegs. he had a bad game, was culpable for one of the goals and got a ticking off. Probably that's the be all and end all of it. It was a very weak attempt to win the ball back but he wasn't the only one.
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    Where are PM, Chancellor?

    Isn't Rees-Mogg playing at politics a bit. He has been an mp since 1997 and never held a "proper" ministerial post. I wouldn't count brexit opportunities or leader of the house. Is he patiently waiting for elevation to the HoL? Prolly.
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    Where are PM, Chancellor?

    Something about Victorian flexi-time amused me Festa!
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    Where are PM, Chancellor?

    When parliament shuts down mp's return to their constituencies. It's not meant to be an 8 week holiday.
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    Where are PM, Chancellor?

    Unless you can't afford to feed your children.
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    That new era at old Trafford

    I won some money on the game trading, in an odd way, a brighton win on the correct score market. You are right, man utd don't scare teams any more, they know they can "have a go". The prices don't reflect their mediocrity though.
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    More signings needed, but...

    It was a clear foul on the keeper, proffessional enough to be a yellow card. He wasn't challenging for the ball, his feet were planted and he gave the keeper a shove on the shoulder. This meant he misjudged the flight of the ball and it led to a goal. Only watched the highlights today as I was...
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    That new era at old Trafford

    They are a good team, and whilst we have regressed, football is cyclic, it goes around and comes around.
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    That new era at old Trafford

    It was a penalty, you are right.
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    That new era at old Trafford

    Enjoying the game Brighton value for their lead. A disallowed offside goal too.
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    Tory Party Members Want Big Tax Cuts and No Increased Funding to the NHS

    I think we, the left, need to get away from insulting tory ideology. It doesn't sit well with me but it is a valid political viewpoint. People have to be persuaded that there is a better way that benefits us all, our children and grandchildren.
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    How you all doing

    I am in verona at a wedding. 38 hours awake until 8.30 last night then crashed. The sleep was great. Italian coffee and croisaint incoming shortly, unfortunately so are 40 degree temps
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    Michael Chopra and gambling

    Of course gambling companies should not be able to advertise. How many kids watch football and get sucked in. Its either marketed as a family game or not. They shouldn't be able to have it both ways. Don't buy the shirts until the club stop morally dubious advertising on them. If you wear a...
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    Richie to be new PM and win the next General Election....

    1/10 on truss on betfair. 1/10 shots do loose sometimes but about I in 10 times.