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    Energy Prices

    In what way was it a con? The amount of insulation ?
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    Energy Prices

    Guisbrough co-op today 199.9 a litre of diesel!
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    Tiverton By Election

    Looks like Boris got lucky again with other news (US Supreme Court) burying this story
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    Roe v Wade overturned

    All down to Trump getting 3 nominations onto the supreme court
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    MFC Official: Darragh Lenihan - First Day [V-4:46]

    weird that voice reading out the speeds
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    Energy Prices

    dotted lines are wholesale prices, solid is at the pump prices
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    Energy Prices

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    yes looks like it
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    What would you do to improve Middlesbrough/Teesside?

    Main thing would be a large switch to new industrries (there is already a growing number of games companies setting up in Middlesbrough due to the Uni. Oh and fix all those potholes in the roads that seem to get worse and worse!
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    9am Kit Release!!

    anyone remember when they used to have a plain shirt without logo just for televised games? Then again I am old
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    Bournemouth gonna bid 10 mill for Tav

    I would like to keep Tav
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    9am Kit Release!!

    the design is ok for me it is just the sponsor logo that ruins it
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    9am Kit Release!!

    its not bad, could have been a lot worse, the sponsor text does spoil it though but that is the way they are nowadays
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    The Saudi Sportswashing continues

    I heard that bass line when I read that :)