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    McLaren loved it tonight

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    FA Cup TV games

    It's basically City / Liverpool / Chelsea reserves and U23s playing whoever. The 'magic' of the cup has been missing since so called bigger teams simply don't care. Especially if still in Europe. Then you've got prem sides who have a genuine chance crashing out because getting to 40 points is...
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    Boro vs Luton 10th December

    Why would this effect a Boro attendance? I mean we've had no domestic football for weeks. I believe any Boro fan would prefer to see Boro no matter what stage of a tournament England are at. Apart from that it's an evening kick off and doesn't even clash. It's actually ideal as you can watch...
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    January transfer window thread

    It's only a matter of time before are are heavily linked to various UTD U23s. We need to be careful as the large majority of these 'highly rated' or 'wonder kids' don't do that well when thrust into champo action. I'm not sure we need any major surgery. I'd love us to sign Giles on a perm. I'm...
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    Friend stuck on 299 Boro games

    Arguably one of the best 100k ever spent. I put him in the Robbie Mustoe bracket in terms of pound for pound value👍 To be stuck on 299 is a strange quirk of fate. Although doesn't really mean much. It's gotta be frustrating. It's a shame he never penned thew deal we offered. I don't blame him...
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    English and Welsh morons fighting in Tenerife.

    I imagine you'd you see this in Tenerife and the baleric Islands every night. Large groups of lads drinking and snorting all day. That said suprised how busy it looks. I've not been to Tenerife since the early naughties. Its clearly still popular as nearly December. I bet the bars and toilets...
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    Zack Steffen Negativity

    I think he's massively improved after a slightly shaky start. I mean it was only a few months ago people actively suggest Roberts starts. I think he's proved he's decent. I mean we've been as bad with keepers as we have with forwards. That's usually because we've tried to get them on the...
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    England v USA

    Foden would start for 95%+ of the teams in this WC. Arguably one of the brightest young talents in the world game. I mean anyone would have him. Yet southgate simply doesn't 'rate' him. That or more so doesn't know how to accommodate him.
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    James Léa Siliki

    Based on Barnsley away and that 45 mins.... He's not even a footballer. The only player I've seen worse for Boro was Kike Sola. Genuinely didn't even look like professionals 😂
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    England v USA

    Garage. Genuinely the pub is almost no f*cks given. Just folk doing anything other than watching it. Clearly a point will see us 'happy'. Just poor.... It don't bode well for later in the tournament. So boring and negative if you consider the attacking talent we have 😕
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    Warnock reveals secret behind Watmore signing and how it almost didn't happen [Gazette]

    The 'warnock players' are so obvious to me. Bamba / Crooks / Uche / Watmore / Peltier. The rest? I'm really not convinced. You'd have have to say we got more than our moneys worth out of all of the above.
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    Drink Driving

    To be fair the majority of drink drivers are stung the next day. It not like they smash in 10 pints and drive home. You'll find they had 10 pints and in bed by 2300. Then drive to work and get caught. I think almost anyone could fall foul of this at some point in the past. It's amazing how...
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    Amazon Black Friday deals.

    I just bought a pair of work boots (£40 reduced to £20) and work trousers (£16 reduced to £8) from screwfix. A decent work gear day 😂
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    Warnock reveals secret behind Watmore signing and how it almost didn't happen [Gazette]

    You'd have to say 'pound for pound' one of our best signings in recent history. I can't think of many better in terms of the package it's probably cost us. Just a terrific fit that's worked out brilliantly for both parties. I agree with Warnock that he's still probably 'the best' we have. He...
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    What are the boycotters watching?

    I was at work. Although amusingly went for a p*ss and heard not one but 2 live commentaries coming from the locked cubicles. I mean litteraly no f*cks given... No headphones 😂