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    Marvin Johnson

    He was one of our best performers earlier in the season. Created a few, scored a few. I think he got Covid at about the same time that we brought in a few loanees, and its a shame that he is now on the fringes. I feel he has been hard done by.
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    The unofficial "official" Boro v Hornets Match Thread

    Bring on Johnson, and lets give it a go.
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    Addicted to learning guitar.

    ANYONE playing a looper live gets my highest respect. KT Tunstall is famous for that. I'm not an Ed Sheeran fan, but I saw him piece together a song live in a simliar way, and it was amazing. Both make it look so easy. My attempts at using a looper usually involve getting the timing wrong...
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    "Official" Unofficial Matchday Live Thread. Cherries v the Boro. UTMB!!

    Great finish. I'm mean - great.
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    Addicted to learning guitar.

    Yes - or something like a Digitech Trio, which is a great practice aid. Strum a basic chord progression, and it gives you a suitable Bass & drum backing track to play along with. I got one at Christmas, and prefer it to a looper for practice, although both good options.
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    These far right terrorists

    The police man on the news was involved in weekends away doing all sorts of exciting activities. Boxing / self defence Forest exploration Arts and crafts (well racist grafitti) But all with Nazi / racists ideology. Its like the Hitler Youth movement from the 1930s.
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    F1 2021

    I think the top 3 will finish in the same order as they qualified in. Its going to be really close behind them, with the Ferraris, Mclarens & Gasly & Perez.
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    If I gave you £500

    Fender Stratocaster - would probably have to be 2nd hand at that price though.
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    Boring sports or pastimes.

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    The Suez Blockage...

    It's not - professional salvors are in attendance, dredging and tugs etc. But such equipment make less amusing memes.
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    F1 2021

    Yes - absolutely. That layout really worked well.
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    Punchlines only....

    Because of the Sandwich is there.
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    F1 2021

    I dont think that the spins and off-track excursions were part of a bluffing game. It looked like the car was not handling well. But, who knows. We will find out on Sunday.
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    F1 2021

    The seemingly poor performance in testing by Mercedes certainly gives hope that we might get a battle for the title this year. Testing is notoriously difficult to analyse though, and we will not really know what the relative performance is until they get started properly. I'm looking forward...
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    Six nations super Saturday

    When Jones joined England went on an amazingly long winning streak. Then there was an awful patch after that. Last year went well, and the world cup semi win against New Zealand was one of the best England performances that I can ever remember. The question is, do Englnad stick with him - he...