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    Robbo on our 3pts article today

    Was he, or did he just make loving eyes at Nadal for too long, and should have moved on to Festa much quicker?
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    Man Utd Pricing in Telegraph

    Yep, and Gibson will probably spend that money on a new car, or a boatload of crisps, or something. After all he runs the club at a massive profit for himself, squeezing every last penny out the club and not spending anything on wages or new signings. Terrible play from the club to dare to...
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    Ben Brereton-Diaz

    Blackburn twitter just confirmed he misses the Boro and Luton games.
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    What Ever Happened To...

    Great point, that I'd completely forgotten about.
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    Yeah and look at how wrong we were to be negative about him - such a magnificent points total he delivered before unfairly getting the sack, and the new bloke hasn't done any better than him either.
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    Skier charged with manslaughter

    Yeah, it's just a grading system. As I said before, there's no standardisation across resorts or countries, and so what's a black in say Austria may not be a black in France or the USA. A lot of it is about ensuring you have sufficient runs to attract the most tourists to your resort, and so...
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    Skier charged with manslaughter

    I always feel that people who practice their drumming in their house think they're on stage at Madison Square Gardens or Wembley, without any consideration for their neighbours having to listen to their amateur thumping. NOW I'm not saying that all drummers are the same - I'm just making a...
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    Beth Rigby Sky ; torn Boris a New one

    One of whom was responsible for setting the rules, and the heavy handed enforcement that went with it, the other wasn't.
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    Skier charged with manslaughter

    Not skiing within my limits is the reason I now have a titanium shoulder joint, a wrecked pair of skis, a massive scar across the top of my arm and limited movement in my right arm. I learned the hard way, although not as hard as this guy or the poor child.
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    Skier charged with manslaughter

    Not quite, as there's a speed limit in your example. It's more like driving at 30 in the pouring rain, outside a school where there's a load of black ice, and you're on your phone at the same time.
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    Skier charged with manslaughter

    The grading of slopes dont really play a part here, and most categorisation is completely random anyway in order to broaden the appeal of the resort. It's the negligence and high speed that he's being punished for - you can go fast on a blue slope, as long as you're in control and skiing within...
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    Skier charged with manslaughter

    As a keen skier, I think it's fair enough, although equally it could be pretty much anyone who has ever strapped a set of skis on. You often see people way out of control and skiing far too fast for the conditions and their abilities, and so I'm actually surprised there's not more accidents...
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    I have truly mixed feelings over derby...

    Does anything typify this board more than a layman arguing with a professional, about a situation no one is in receipt of the full facts of, whilst someone else draws conclusions about someones political views because of a comment they made ?
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    Because, and I like Everton because I despise their gobshite neighbours, they've got it in their heads they're still one of the big boys and should be competing with the top 6 teams in the country like they did in the 80's - they think attracting fancy managers is the way to demonstrate that.
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    Govt loses £4.3bn

    Absolutely. Look at how much they spend on "benefit fraudsters" compared to the size of the problem.