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    In praise of EV'S

    I'm sure at times it is far more convenient with an EV. I think at the moment though people take comfort from the relative reliability of using ICE in terms of available filling stations. If you're travelling with small kids for example on a long journey you don't want any doubt over your...
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    A reflection on Saturday

    It's all about family influence. We only get that bond with the club from actually going to matches. Those who's family or friends aren't bothered aren't going to head off to a match when they're a kid so they will definitely be seduced by big premier league teams they see on TV.
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    Blind/shutter company recommendations in Teesside w

    We used Mulberry blinds at Stokesley. Nice little showroom. I think they're fairly expensive possibly but did a nice job
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    Spanish Property

    I was thinking more Begur, Llafranc etc
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    I'm not sure Dijksteel is a good wing back option, he's quick but has no real creativity or delivery
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    Spanish Property

    The northern Costa Brava is worth a look if you want somewhere without loads of British tourists although it's very expensive
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    The thing is I don't think he gets talked about anywhere near as much as other young England players. There's be a strong argument to say he's underrated. (Incidentally I always think "overrated" is a rubbish term as it depends on how good you think something is, and your perception of what...
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    Variant of concern in South Africa

    It could be said that you're being a "fanny" about it 😉
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    That just happens though doesn't it in any team. A big experienced striker getting away from a small midfielder isn't exactly unusual. Have the Preston players responsible for not picking up McNair all got attitude issues?
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    Well you're right, I don't know anything about him, that's why I'm not inventing personality traits
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    That's all very well but it's not hugely relevant to the point I was making regarding attitude
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    I don't understand where the attitude thing has come from. He's always put in a decent shift for us. It's one of those strange ones where people have assigned a personality to him with no evidence. It feels like the Andrew Taylor "strut" stuff again.
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    Are you actually in love with him? Is that what this obsession is all about?
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    Players who don't do a shimmy sometimes hit bad free kicks and suffer poor form. I'm sure you know absolutely nothing about his personality.
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    It's weird to comment on a shimmy. He's a decent player who's going through a bad spell but still puts the effort in. Your comments on him being a show pony appear to be based on minor trivialities