360º cloud inversion

Pedantry alert here,

But isn’t this a 180º cloud inversion, beautiful as it is wouldn’t 360º put it back at the top.

If you read the text in the link he says it was 360 because he could see it in all directions, it wasn't just in front of him.
As in it was all around him but all below, the actual inversion has to be 180º or does that element of the inversion not appear in the headline?
I thought this was just called a whiteout. I was fortunate enough to witness this ontop of the old man of conniston in the lake district. It's a little eerie.
It's not 180 degree either is it ? Looks nice but isn't it what most people would just call fog ?
It's cloud cover, not fog. I was in greymouth in NZ a few years ago and they get cloud cover at seas level occasionally. It looks weird. I walked out of the hotel and there was cloud rolling along the street. Greymouth is on the coast so it's at sea level.
Technically the cloud is not inverted, otherwise the base of the clouds would be on top, which isnt the case.

The cloud is going up and down on a vertical plain, not inverting.

It's low cloud and a man on a high elevation.

Just Instagram waffle.
I thought the only difference between cloud and fog was the altitude of it 🤷
Technically you are right, but to be classified as fog I think, and I am remembering GCE geography from 1980'ish the elevation of 50 feet (might be 50 meters) is the line of demarkation, I also recall there is a difference in the density based on the elevation too, cloud is generally much more dense than fog because of the colder air temperature.

However, I will caveat all that with, I can barely remeber.