Another day, another Non-football related Connolly story


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Thought it was going to be another story. This one's been around a few days.

So I'm guessing he's not done anything else since😂. We've two games left and maybe 3 more.

He may score a playoff semi or final winner. No point giving him sh*t as he's leaving in a month. We may just need him.


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This is the last straw for me...I can cope with him not scoring...his holding a phone while driving...his trips down South when, as a dedicated boro player he really shouldn't be heading south of York...BUT..loving pally fanny...GET OUT OF MY CLUB!


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If that’s the best he can drum up with the pulling power of being a professional footballer then I feel sorry for him!
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At first I thought it was Parliament Road Fanny but now I'm hearing Pallister Park.
Wherever he's getting it at least it's local suppose