Brazil v Serbia


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Here we go. Another match that "should" be good.
Will Neymar roll about ? Will I get sick of the commentators ? Can Serbia provide an enjoyable upset ? Who knows.



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Neymar is up to his usual I see.

Sadly Serbia will have to overcome not just the 11 in yellow but also the crowd and officials.

Come on you Serbs


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How do you pronounce Paqueta? They are both saying Paket-arr, but I am certain it should be Pakweta?


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Brazil have no real plan beyond having a load of attackers on the pitch and hoping something happens.
That’s always been their plan. But when their front 3 are near enough the best 3 players in the world it works (2002). But when it’s Richarlison, as good as he is, it doesn’t really.

Vini and Neymar are good like. But not that sort of level.