Can you see us beating Leicester?

The reality is as a football team we are poor in both boxes. Not a good recipe.

Hopefully we can strengthen in the summer and go again.

Today we come up against a team who are good in both boxes. probably 3 nil to them
If that team sheet is correct it could be a very long 90 minutes.
Don't expect a win, but i'm hoping we put up a fight at least.
I didn't think we'd win the reverse fixture mind.
This thread has really cheered me up! Not! Oh well, at least it's only £9 return from Nottingham and a short train ride. Setting off soon and UTB anyway!
Been following boro since 1986 so I too know you can never rely on Boro to either win or lose a dead cert.
To strengthen the case I’m going to place a pound on Leicester winning because one thing that can never happen is the gods give me a winning bet.
😂😂👏👏👏. Like I said football bet gods hate me winning.
Not watching a stream tomorrow, which I have for practically every other game this season, as I’m hopefully at the Redcar Athletic game. The only other game I didn’t watch was Boro’s first win of the season , so there must be a chance of 3 points.

However this theory may not work as I was watching the first half of the U21 game tonight and it was 0-0. Couldn’t watch the second half and they conceded 4.
Well it worked. Plus I saw a 95th minute winner for Redcar Athletic.