Carrick is Excited to See What Silvera is Capable Of


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Q: You mentioned last week about Sammy Silvera and how much you rate him and how he can really grow and develop for us. It was a tremendous finish from him as well at Leicester. Sammy and Riley McGree coming back from the Asian Cup they now look to be hitting the ground running, aren't they at this point?

Yeah definitely.Riley has missed a lot of football for us through his injury and then going away and I think he is an important player for us and he can play across the front in different positions and adapt.

And Sammy finds a way,he has got moments in him,. He is dangerous, he is sharp, he knows where the goal is. It is really exciting to see what he is capable of and how he improves really, it is a big learning season for, it is a big jump and he'll admit that himself. It is a big part of adapting to that and I think he is certainly showing good signs of that and I am excited to see what he is going to be capable of doing.
He’s very much a raw unknown quantity still adapting to the English game who loves to run at the opposition but he can be lacking in positional awareness and keeping possession. In key areas so it makes sense to play him up top where the risk v reward plays to his strengths as we saw last week he can finish.

Hopefully we’ve found a gem and unlocked his undoubted potential that we saw briefly in preseason.
I think he's done alright in his first season in the champo. I think he's scored 6 goals? He's young and cost relative 'buttons'. He can only improve on what must be a massive step up in terms of quality from playing in Australia.

He seems to get a bit of stick. I'm not overly sure why considering the fee paid and where he has come from.

It could very easily be next year before we see the best of him. I imagine he's been thrown in far earlier than expected due to our constant injury issues.

He at least understands the offside rule. Unlike Greenwood 😉
" he knows where the goal is "


Hes a professional striker....

Yeah fmttm in response to your question we've spent several months highlighting goals on a football pitch and ensuring sammy knows where it is.

You will see he can shoot at goal and hit the touchline occasionally but we've ironed that out now

He is completely aware of where the fuc&&ing goal is now......

That's a relief

Next month -the round thing that goes somewhere near the white metal posts !!!!
Scored a very decent goal against some bunch of no hopers* a mere eight days ago but now he's worse than cat food.

* Lester, Liesester, Lescetter, summat like that.