Confessions of a Middlesbrough Juggler Part Two

The story starts to get really interesting now. Had some rave reviews this so definitely worth a 5 minute read.

'As soon as he’d left the shop, he lit up. A headlight came out of the darkness. As it got closer, he soon recognised it was Gobber, the young lad who delivered the papers for Angelo. No-one knew why his parents had decided to call him Gobber. He did have a big mouth though, verbally speaking.'

Flapjacks Please have faith that Lars will get to see his sister in Oslo one day.
Blf Just to let you know that Wendy was sacked shortly after, and if we all stay strong, Boro juggling will rise again.
Healthy interest in part two and many reading part one.
Early morning update. Angelo and his wife thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon juggling show and Lars has given up smoking and been practicing 10 hours a day. The magic could be back!