Dave Myers Hairy Biker RIP

The Hairy Bikers Planet Rock show was a real easy way into a Sunday morning and both of them really knew their classic rock and clearly the partnership was genuine and real.

Am watching the latest Go West TV series and was pleased that Dave was what I thought was on the mend. Obviously very wrong.

This has really knocked me a bit.
Sad news, chuckled along with them for years...I thought he was over the worst watching the latest show...R.I.P.
A little known fact…..Dave was a make up artist 40 years ago and was the bloke who came up with the stripe for Adam Ant. The rest as they say is history.
Rarely contribute to celebrity death threads. But in this case Dave Myers seemed like the bloke next door you could have a braby and a beer with. Seemed just a lovely honest man.
Dreadfully sad news. He was a truly lovely man and I loved his approach in the kitchen…he took the mystique out of cooking for me at a time when I was on my own and it really helped me learn to love cooking for myself. He and I shared a surname too, so we may well have shared roots.

Good bless Dave. RIP
Really sad news as not only did they have a great chemistry but they also had genuine warmth as well.

They touched a lot people with their honest home cooking style.

Condolences to his family and to si.