Fargo - The TV Series


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Loved the film but haven’t so far dipped into the TV series. any thoughts? All three series seem to get really good reviews
I watched it a while back and was initially very dubious about the concept of the series. I was so wrong, it was excellent. Each series is unrelated to the previous one and is standalone in its own right. Get it watched :)
In my opinion, even better than the (also excellent) film. Only watched the first two series as I've been saving series 3 as a treat.

Billy Bob Thornton (Lorne Malvo) is chilling, reminds me of Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men. There is an encounter with Colin Hanks one night, I think I would have found my bladder just emptied.
I hadn't seen the film until last Christmas. Really liked that, then watched the series a few weeks later; even better, I thought.

The idea of putting a story within the 'universe' of another seems so much better than a pointless remake.
They are actually linked in a very tenuous manner.
I won't spoil it of course, but I will thoroughly recommend it and echo the sentiments about Billy Bob Thornton as he's a phenomenal actor in my opinion.
Yes thoroughly recommend all 3 series. They were making the 4th series and understand that filming has been suspended due to the pandemic.
I really enjoyed them. Some uttery chilling moments in all of them and I'm not talking about the snow.
VM Varga possibly my favourite character.
The film is one of the greatest movies of all time.

Against this the tv series are not going to achieve the same greatness, not least because of the episodic format. But still the tv series are excellent. There's a great cast of characters across the various series.

Jean Smart and Brad Garrett are excellent in one series.
Kirsten Dunst in another.
Loving Series 5. Juno Temple playing a very different character from Ted Lasso!!!

The fifth season was excellent, although sadly it looks like there might not be any more. It's rare for a show to keep up such a high quality for this long, but they've nailed it. One of the best shows of this generation, for certain.