Fave goals v the Mackems

Hedleys free kick in front of the Holgate.
One of my favourite Boro memories, unfortunately Shoot deleted the tapes, so not available anywhere. Biggest crowd I was in at Ayresome, wasn’t allowed to go in 78 against Bolton (night game) 35000 in Ayresome, was in the East End seats and about 5000 Makems round about in the corners, strange numbers to travel in given it’s not a derby
Remember going with my Dad 70s and 80s and guessing the crowd by how far cars were parked up to Clairville. No all ticket games then, just had to get down to the ground sharpish. Remembered being locked out of the Everton replay, going after my Dad’s work. Seven o’clock too late. Apparently about 26000 that day. My last big Ayresome crowd was the Leicester‘promotion party’….28000, had a ticket for that one. That Everton game was the probably the last big game I did without a ticket. Different times.
I'm going away... If that counts? Jaime Pollock bundling one in at Joker Park for a 0-1 win. Absolute 'limbs' behind the goal.

I remember driving in my old beat up fiesta. God it's so long ago 😂
Remember it well, my first away game. Limbs and a half.
This thread saddens me. I still think the best player I've seen play for the Boro at the Riverside is Emerson. If he'd had greater consistency we'd have been nowhere near relegation.