Finally approved

Comparatively, I tried registering for OneBoro a while back, just to avoid the "why not consider registering?" pop-up, and it seems to have been turned down each time I've tried. Mixed messages.
I don't get it , there is no money involved on these places or personal information like banking I can join E-bay in minutes . So One Boro are also the same with making people wait. Is there a free monthly draw on here or something :)

Anyway I made it so all's good
Why the extreme wait to join a forum ? I'd say I applied over a month ago
We get lots of Russian bots believe it not and obviously many trolls. Last week for instance we were swamped with people wanting to join. Unprecedented amounts - you would almost think something controversial had happened and people wanted to speak about it. So, sometimes we take our time in weeding out the legit posters from the imposters.