How much would you offer for Hamer right now ?


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Business is ruthless...
I'd be offering a solid 7 million for him , and accounting for wriggle room from forthcoming outgoing s
He can play , and has that ' edge ' that a few people have alluded too
Him and Gyokeres would be great buys. Think they'd be very expensive signings though
You’re talking £35-40m for the pair, Gyokeres will go for £20m plus this summer.
If it's 35 for the pair ( and I don't disagree btw ) ... VG has to be worth 20 m plus ?
A big strong young goal scorer gotta be worth treble the other lad ?
Start looking for the next Hamer playing for an obscure European club.
Exactly, we dont need to pay over the odds for players of the recruitment are clever, we can sign players who will develop in this team and the style we play will suite.

For instance why cant Coburn come back to oro amd score goals, if he has a good pre season fills out a bit more, he will be stronger for his loan spell and always lools like he has a bit of movement and sharpness in the box, if we keep playing the way we have and creating chances why cant Coburn score 20 goals in a Boro team like Carlton Morris for Luton, Coburn got 10 in a poor Bristol Rovers team.

We also have Kamil Conteh coming bqck from a loan, Coulson who has lost his way a it but always looked like he was going to develop into a player and the illusive Payero, what will happen with him this summer, technically he looks lile he could play the brand of football Carrick wants to but is he up for it, at the moment the answer would be No but who knows?
Also as stated in previous threads recruitment of free agents and early business is key, some realistic players from Prem teams to consider,

Sergi canos
Van hecke
Joe bryan
shane duffy
Ivan cavilero
Matt Ritchie
Ciaran Clark
Jack Colback

For me others I would consider pearson would be excellent, Hoever, Manning, Cooper, Ogbene, Chair, Willock, Diallo, obviously in bringing players in we would have to move others on and for me the ones who would be available for transfer at the right price would be Bola, Dijksteel, Jones, Crooks.

Others who I would also consider at the right price Paddy, Fry - I dont believe we will make such drastic changes to the current squad but who knows.