McCartney at Glastonbury

Jedi boro

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Noel was outstanding as close to an oasis gig glasto is going to get sadly.

But I was shocked he never teamed up with his idol given they were pretty much on the same stage at the sand time.


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An 80 year old bloke singing 38 songs in a 2.5 hour set. Of course hes not going to belt them out like he did 50 years ago but he gave it a bloody good go. He has every right to pick and choose what he sings. It was a mix that spanned his entire career and there'll always be some that dont hit the spot for some people.

21 Beatles songs, 6 Wings ones, 1 Springsteen song amongst them, so not a bad percentage.

The look on peoples faces there said it all. Magical. Well never see the like of him again


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My word there’s a lot of twaddle on this thread! ‘Strange’, ‘random’ set list? Self indulgent? Play some of his back catalogue?? 😂

He literally just played a set spanning 60 years of a back catalogue! 4 ‘newish’ songs out of nearly 40 in a 2.5hr set list! Over half were Beatles tracks!!!

It’s more or less the same set list that he’s played to sell out stadiums worldwide during his last couple of tours - so pretty tried and tested.

And the self indulgent guitar jam on The end???? I take it whoever wrote that is not familiar with the track on Abbey Road.
Absolutely right BCL. 12 years as a Beatle. 52 years in Wings and flying solo. Can think of a load of post 1970 songs I would have liked him to do but he crammed a lot into 2 and half hours. An 80 year old singing for 2 and half hours FFS! And the abbey road jam? Perfect ending!


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Snarky Puppy playing the West Holts Stage now.
Gareth Southgate behind a big percussion rig doing the thing!
He’s tried to disguise himself with some quit hip shades…but it’s him…Oh yes😉


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Really enjoying Amyl and The Sniffers right now, as I've enjoyed them every time I've seen them. I also enjoyed Diana Ross more than I thought I would, and I've never seen her live.


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Just a shame Macca didn’t involve Merseyside’s all-time greatest lyricist last night. But maybe Somerset is a bit too far from the Wirral for Nigel Blackwell to travel. Would have a loved a Trumpton Riots duet TBF.